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The Importance of Being Grateful

Scott Bloom - Monday, March 25, 2013



Today I am grateful for being an early riser and being self-employed.  Our springtime winter storm Virgil blessed us with a beautiful landscape which would disappear in a matter of hours.  It is amazing to me how a walk in the park can be awe inspiring and help us humans to bring our lives into perspective.  I might have missed this experience if I were rushing off to go to an office building in downtown DC to sit in a cubicle for eight or nine hours.


As a landlord I am grateful for the circumstances that permitted me to be a property owner when many struggle to make ends meet. I sometimes need to remember to be grateful that I have tenants in my properties who pay their rent on time each month and when troubles arise, that I have the experience and training to handle it with courage and respect.  I am grateful that super storms passed my area and did not cause damage to my properties and for an insurance company agent relationship of many years that ensures when I do have damage I am covered.


As I modify my thoughts to being grateful for what I have it helps me to shift my thinking in business dealings, negotiations, and problem solving.  By not letting my ego get the best of me I can be grateful for finding solutions - whether a security deposit dispute with a tenant or responding to negative feedback.


If I am grateful for having an aging property in a very desirable neighborhood I feel better about investing money to keep that asset attractive and performing financially well for years to come.


If I am grateful for finding talented professionals who will help me drive my real estate investment from break-even to financially positive, I can feel more confident letting it go to their care. 


If I am grateful for a handyman who is always at the ready, no matter the day or time or event, I can practice more patience with him and better appreciate the value of his character.


Confidence, Competence, Determination and Hard Work are a requirement to be successful in my chosen industry of residential property management.  I am grateful these characteristics come naturally to me and that my clients sign on with confidence in my ability to get the job done.


What are you grateful for?



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